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iTQP Webinar: See our new Webinar: Drive High Impact Business Results By Improving Technology Quality
See our new Webinar: Drive High Impact Business Results By Improving Technology Quality.
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iTQP Tools: Doormat
DOORMAT: A Framework for Requirements Maintenance.
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iTQP Tools: ValidationBench
The key to the power of many of iTQP’s software quality and validation offerings can be directly traced to our overall project delivery philosophy. Read more ...
iTQP Tools: AFTA
The Automated Fault Tree Analysis (AFTA) facility, originally developed to support missile failure analysis for the defense industry, assists project teams in identifying, organizing, managing, analyzing, and validating the root cause(s) of any type of system failure. Read more ...
iTQP Tools: PRAC
The Project Risk Assessment Calculator (PRAC) is a self-assessment tool designed to help project managers, IT leaders, and their business customers understand the various risks their project is facing and to offer suggestions on mitigating those risks. Read more ...
iTQP Books: Technology, Strategy, and Leadership
A set of convergent forces is challenging fundamental assumptions about the role of organizations and how they deliver value to their customers.
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iTQP White Papers: Maximizing Strategic Value
Ideas matter, but an organization aligned for execution is what delievers the value.
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iTQP White Papers: Project Management
Project management bridges the gap between strategy and tactics. It’s the difference between having a good idea, and actually being able to execute on that idea.
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iTQP White Papers: Value Driven Performance Ethic
In our experience high-performance organizations tend to share a set of recurring management and leadership characteristics. While each organization may actually choose slightly different tools or implementation approaches, successful companies nevertheless tend to operate in very similar ways. Read more ...
A Framework for Requirements Maintenance
Complete, effective and low-overhead maintenance of your requirements management system is essential for the success of the development projects that you support. Effective use of automation is a key component of any large-scale maintenance plan. However, automation developed haphazardly over time can become a nightmare to maintain and evolve; especially as different administrators come and go.
DOORMAT is an Application Framework for developing, managing and executing custom actions with a simple, detailed API to standardize and integrate DXL scripts from multiple sources.
DOORMAT provides the ability to schedule and execute existing Batch Mode DXL scripts and can schedule and execute most any program that can be run in Windows.
DXL scripts that perform certain actions are registered with DOORMAT as Operations.
DOORMAT does all the work of organizing, scheduling and executing these Operations, and includes facilities to:
  • Write to a Centralized log file (with time stamp ability)
  • Write to a Error Log (with time stamp ability)
  • Display real-time progress on the DOORMAT Status bar
  • Save sets of Operations (including parameters) into Operation Lists
    • place the Operation list name in multiple Schedules
    • reflect changes to the list in all Schedules automatically
DOORMAT can send various types of notifications (Failure, Warning, Start and Stop) in various formats (Email, Cellular Text Messages and Pagers) to indicate status to an entire team if necessary.
DOORMAT provides an extensive library of Services available to all Operations:
  • Calendar functions
  • Date and Time functions
  • Extensive string functions
  • Timer functions
  • Read/Write CSV File functions
  • DOS File functions
  • Email functions
Additionally, DOORMAT provides a secure facility for sharing Operations across multiple DOORMAT installations. DOORMAT Operations are kept in individual files. Using the Telelogic encryption tool to safeguard your source code allows sharing of Operations at:
  • Source code level (unencrypted) “Open source”
  • Logic Level (encrypted but sharable)
  • Secure Level (encrypted shareable only to predetermined DOORMAT installations)
DOORMAT completely conforms to DOORS security because it uses the same security rights as DOORS.
DOORMAT comes prepackaged with a set of standard Operations. Write your own Operations or have us create them for you. We have already written and tested Operations that:
  • Link By Attributes: Enhanced version of DOORS link by attribute feature
  • Module Statistics Reporting: Create a report of various statistics for a given set of modules including the time required to open a module (an important indicator of system performance).
  • Disable Users/Groups: Groups and/or users can be disabled to ensure access is controlled.
  • Remove Locks: Remove Locks from modules automatically
  • Automatic Archives: Automatically archive one or more projects
  • Shareable Sections: Re-establish shareable sections automatically
  • Baseline & Purge: Automatically baseline and purge Modules
  • View Exports: Export any view automatically to a specific folder
  • Object/Link Management: Automatically delete outgoing/incoming links and their respective objects
  • Trigger Verification: Verify previously defined triggers are still active
  • Adaptive Update Imports: Conduct mass updates via an excel spreadsheet. This Operation allows the definition of criteria necessary to have a spreadsheet imported automatically. A report is generated to provide an audit trail of the import.
DOORMAT provides a heretofore unknown level of sophistication and efficiency to your DOORS maintenance activities.
Contact us for a demonstration or for participation in our beta testing program.