iTest Quality Partners: Maximizing stratic value.
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iTQP How We Add Value: Cost of Quality
iTQP How We Add Value: Glue—Value-Driven Risk-Adjusted Solution Delivery
iTQP How We Add Value: Requirements Based Validation
iTQP How We Add Value: Enterprise Architecture
iTQP How We Add Value: Project Progress Reporting
iTQP How We Add Value: Quality Metrics and Sizing
iTQP How We Add Value: Important Strategic Thinking Ideas
iTQP How We Add Value: Transformational Changes
iTQP How We Add Value: Business Processes and Continuous Improvement
iTQP Webinar: See our new Webinar: Drive High Impact Business Results By Improving Technology Quality
See our new Webinar: Drive High Impact Business Results By Improving Technology Quality.
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iTQP Tools: Doormat
DOORMAT: A Framework for Requirements Maintenance.
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iTQP Tools: ValidationBench
The key to the power of many of iTQP’s software quality and validation offerings can be directly traced to our overall project delivery philosophy. Read more ...
iTQP Tools: AFTA
The Automated Fault Tree Analysis (AFTA) facility, originally developed to support missile failure analysis for the defense industry, assists project teams in identifying, organizing, managing, analyzing, and validating the root cause(s) of any type of system failure. Read more ...
iTQP Tools: PRAC
The Project Risk Assessment Calculator (PRAC) is a self-assessment tool designed to help project managers, IT leaders, and their business customers understand the various risks their project is facing and to offer suggestions on mitigating those risks. Read more ...
iTQP Books: Technology, Strategy, and Leadership
A set of convergent forces is challenging fundamental assumptions about the role of organizations and how they deliver value to their customers.
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White Papers
iTQP White Papers: Maximizing Strategic Value
Ideas matter, but an organization aligned for execution is what delievers the value.
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iTQP White Papers: Project Management
Project management bridges the gap between strategy and tactics. It’s the difference between having a good idea, and actually being able to execute on that idea.
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iTQP White Papers: Value Driven Performance Ethic
In our experience high-performance organizations tend to share a set of recurring management and leadership characteristics. While each organization may actually choose slightly different tools or implementation approaches, successful companies nevertheless tend to operate in very similar ways. Read more ...
iTest Quality Partners PDF Documents and Tools
Maximizing strategic value requires the continuous coordination and synchronization of all of an enterprise’s operating elements. iTest Quality Partners Strategic Alignment Library features a series of white papers and tools that have helped customers increase the strategic alignment of their enterprise. Register below to learn about the strategy, quality, requirements, and project management approaches that can directly increase the performance of all your operating units.
All documents are in Adobe™ PDF format.
  • Introduction to iTest Quality Partners
  • Brief introduction to iTQP’s products and services.
  • Complete and low-overhead maintenance of your DOORS-based requirements management system is essential for the success of the development projects that you support. Effective use of automation must be a key component of any such large-scale maintenance plan. This paper outlines DOORMat, an application framework for an automated solution to managing and maintaining custom enterprise-wide DOORS implementations.
  • Cost of Quality
  • Understanding the costs of (poor) quality in your organization is often the best place to start in improving operational performance. Especially important is the role of clear requirements. This paper illustrates the sources of organizational costs due to poor quality performance and delivery.
  • Glue™
  • The key to the power of many of iTQP’s software quality and system integration offerings can be directly traced to our overall project delivery philosophy. This philosophy, based on literally thousands of projects, is embodied in our proprietary software engineering information model known as Glue. The Glue information model has been designed to achieve a single overriding objective: Value-driven risk-adjusted solution delivery. This paper introduces the Glue information model and how it can become the framework for your entire enterprise business application delivery and support process.
  • Glue™ Information Model
  • Download a copy of this simple powerful model for use in your own organization.
  • Quality Metrics and Sizing
  • No part of technology efforts tends to be more elusive than determining their true scope. This paper, based on literally hundreds of engagements, outlines the key metrics that define the important quality and performance dimensions of any technology project.
  • ValidationBench™
  • ValidationBench, a DOORS-based extension, implements portions of the Glue information model to more directly support a project’s validation and testing efforts. This paper outlines the capabilities of this DOORS extension.
  • Maximizing Strategic Value
  • The path to maximizing the strategic value of any enterprise requires not just great thinking, but an operating model that can quickly identify the right ideas, translate them into action, and then convert action into results. This paper explores five critical challenges that companies face along this path towards maximizing their strategic value.
  • Project Management
  • Project management is the ability to transform concept into reality in a no-surprise environment. This paper focuses on the management of technology projects—software package acquisitions, new custom implementations, enhancements to existing applications, and related systems integration efforts, and outlines a set of field proven best practices for successfully carrying out and managing those activities.
  • Business Processes and Continuous Improvement
  • This paper explores the power of process and process-thinking as key ingredients in an enterprise’s overall quality program.
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The Project Risk Assessment Calculator (PRAC)
Automated Fault Tree Analysis (AFTA)