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iTQP Webinar: See our new Webinar: Drive High Impact Business Results By Improving Technology Quality
See our new Webinar: Drive High Impact Business Results By Improving Technology Quality.
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iTQP Tools: Doormat
DOORMAT: A Framework for Requirements Maintenance.
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iTQP Tools: ValidationBench
The key to the power of many of iTQP’s software quality and validation offerings can be directly traced to our overall project delivery philosophy. Read more ...
iTQP Tools: AFTA
The Automated Fault Tree Analysis (AFTA) facility, originally developed to support missile failure analysis for the defense industry, assists project teams in identifying, organizing, managing, analyzing, and validating the root cause(s) of any type of system failure. Read more ...
iTQP Tools: PRAC
The Project Risk Assessment Calculator (PRAC) is a self-assessment tool designed to help project managers, IT leaders, and their business customers understand the various risks their project is facing and to offer suggestions on mitigating those risks. Read more ...
iTQP Books: Technology, Strategy, and Leadership
A set of convergent forces is challenging fundamental assumptions about the role of organizations and how they deliver value to their customers.
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White Papers
iTQP White Papers: Maximizing Strategic Value
Ideas matter, but an organization aligned for execution is what delievers the value.
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iTQP White Papers: Project Management
Project management bridges the gap between strategy and tactics. It’s the difference between having a good idea, and actually being able to execute on that idea.
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iTQP White Papers: Value Driven Performance Ethic
In our experience high-performance organizations tend to share a set of recurring management and leadership characteristics. While each organization may actually choose slightly different tools or implementation approaches, successful companies nevertheless tend to operate in very similar ways. Read more ...
What distinctive, sustainable capabilities (products, services, offerings) must we have to address our customers’ needs?
Sustainable competitive advantage is the cornerstone of profitable growth.
Businesses, after all, exist to provide value to customers and returns to their shareholders. Accordingly, their goal is to position the business so that it can achieve, over the long term, returns that are superior to competitors and compensate the shareholders for the risk they are taking.
And, the way to achieve long term superior returns remains straightforward—create and sustain an advantage over competitors.
But, competitive advantage derives from deep knowledge of the marketplace and the industry thus allowing the business to create and exploit the differences between its competitors.
Further, advantage is a relative term. It requires some other point of comparison to illustrate the benefits of one advantage over another. Those differences must be well understood relative to the value placed upon it by the customer.
And, since competitive advantage is fragile, it requires continuous improvement.
Once competitors understand a particular advantage, however, it can be copied, improved upon, or replaced with superior substitutes.
Consequently, understanding what those capabilities are and which ones are lacking or need substantial improvement is critical to building a lasting franchise and increasing shareholder value.
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